Sireh Park


Operated and managed by The Nusajaya Natural Heritage Trust (TNNHT), a non-profit organization, highly dependent on corporate donations, memberships, hosting of events and ‘donate a tree’ programmes to remain relevant and in operation, and best exemplifies in conservation, preservation, enhancement, documents and promotes the green and sustainability development of a public park.

It intends to be the leader in environment preservation via tree planting programs with individuals and companies alike, while positioning itself as the go-to park for recreational enjoyment and educational opportunities for present and future generations. Enjoy outdoor games and activities, camping, family barbeques and picnics by the lakes. Endless opportunities and exciting possibilities yet to be explored due to the countless potentials of the area.

Inspired by the principles life of a plant called SIREH (piper betle) that has a significance in local culture and traditions, becoming a basic concept for SIREH Park for sense of respect for the environment, harmony and achieving a low-impact ecologically sustainable development. SIREH is also the acronym for Sustainable, Initiatives, Recreational, Educational, Haven.

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