3-Day Yoga Workshop

Nurturing Of Soul

Nurturing of Soul

3-Day Yoga Workshop
14th-16th July, 2023

Nurturing of Soul is a 3 day program designed to teach participants how to use yoga to improve their mental health and well-being. These workshop will be led by 2 experienced yoga instructors who have training and expertise in working with individuals who have mental health challenges specially invited from Singapore and India.

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Sadhna Upadhya

Sadhna Upadhya is an accomplished yoga trainer with 1000 hours of training and 4000 hours of teaching experience over the past 6 years. Her background in hospitality has given her the necessary skills to become a successful yoga instructor, and her passion for yoga has led her to travel extensively, teaching and leading classes for various organizations and brands.

Sonia Razdan

Sonia Razdan is a vibrant and enthusiastic yoga trainer, hailing from Mumbai, India with a Kashmiri background. With her previous experience in the hospitality industry, she has honed her skills in creating a warm and inviting environment for her clients. Sonia has an extensive network in the wellness industry and is known for her effervescent and bubbly personality, which makes her an instant hit with her clients.


Throughout the workshop, participants will be encouraged to engage in journaling exercises, partner work, and other activities to deepen their understanding and experience of the yoga practice for mental health. They will be able to integrate yoga into their daily routine.There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and receive guidance from us. 

Day 1: 7PM - 10PM

Foundations of Yoga for Mental Health

  • Focus on Basics of Yoga and its relations to mental health 
  • Exploration of different types of yoga poses and breathing exercises to manage stress and anxiety
  • Yoga Nidra induced with guided meditation to prepare day 2 and 3 of the program.
  • Group discussion and sharing about mental health challenges and how yoga can help

Day 2: 8AM - 12PM

Yoga for Emotional Regulation

  • Deeper exploration of yoga poses and breathing exercises that can help with specific mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression
  • Emotional balance and stability through poses involving gentle backbends and heart openers
  • Mindfulness meditation practice to cultivate present-moment awareness and self-compassion
  • Group discussion and sharing about the benefits of the yoga practice for mental health

Day 3: 8AM - 12PM

Nurturing Mindfulness and Self-Reflection

  • Integration of the yoga practice into daily life to cultivate, enhance sense of presence and inner peace
  • Exploration of how to continue practicing yoga for mental health on one’s own using different techniques
  • Explore self reflecting poses through inversions and twists
  • Closing ceremony and group reflection

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